Automate your compliance uploads through ReMatter’s LeadsOnline integration

ReMatter puts scale purchasing compliance on auto-pilot with LeadsOnline integration

ReMatter is officially integrated with LeadsOnline, the nation’s largest online investigation system.
Integrating with LeadsOnline makes it easy for scrap recyclers to purchase compliantly in accordance with their state and local regulations. ReMatter uploads data automatically each day via API, eliminating the need for any manual work or missed uploads. The integration works for both single and multi-facility recyclers.
“Compliant purchasing isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have,” said Wyatt Pontius, CEO of ReMatter. “With our Leads Online integration, we put compliance on auto pilot freeing up time and mental headspace needed to run your scrap operation. It’s fast, reliable, and secure.”
The integration takes less than 5 minutes to set-up and runs automatically.
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Drake Hougo

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Drake Hougo

COO @ ReMatter